We buy only seasonal coffee and roast five-days a week to ensure what you buy is always fresh.  We are so committed to freshness, that we stamp our coffee bags with the date the coffee was roasted, so you always know the freshness of your coffee.



Before we ship coffee to our roastery, we roast and cup samples almost daily in search of unique and special coffee we think meet our standards.  We go through quite a few samples to find coffee that meets our standards.


Once the green coffee arrives at Bird Rock Coffee Roasters’ roasting facility, it is up to the BRCR roasting team to bring out the complex flavors and aromas. Our goal is to best represent what the grower had in mind while tending to the coffee shrubs.  Because each sack of green coffee may respond differently in our 15 kilo Giesen Roaster, we are constantly evaluating the quality of our roasted coffee. We experiment with and explore each new arrival, searching for that bean’s optimal finish temperature and roast time. Simply, there is not a “one size fits all” solution to roasting coffee, our Giesen is not automated and we do not use profiling software.  Instead, we roast and refine our coffee offerings utilizing a rigorous cupping and Q-grading methodology, thus ensuring each bean is roasted to its maximum potential.




Roast. Grind. Smell. Suck. Slurp. Spit.

It’s time you learned what goes into a great cup of coffee.  Attending our public cuppings, affords one a behind-the-scenes look into the coffee roasting business.

Stimulate your brain and your senses every FRIDAY MORNING* at 10:30AM, in Bird Rock Coffee Roaster’s new Tasting Room, located in the COFFEE BAR, where the BRCR team will introduce you to the fine art and science of “cupping.”

Cupping- it’s like a wine tasting, only more energetic.