Coffee comes from the ‘pit’ of a coffee cherry; coffee starts as a stone fruit.


Like all fruits, coffee has seasons. At Bird Rock Coffee Roasters, our offerings follow the season, so in general, South American coffees are harvested in the fall, Central American coffees in the spring, and African coffees in the winter.

Although it can be sad when your favorite coffee is no longer in season, there is always something new to look forward to.

Some special green coffee can be vacuum sealed at origin to preserve the flavor for a long time (usually the case with special auction lots as well) but most green coffee that is packaged in traditional burlap begins to fade in flavor after a few months. With the exception of specially packaged mirco-lots, you won’t see us roasting a Guatemala coffee in January, for example, because in January, seasonal coffee, the Guatemala coffee that is available is “past-crop” having been harvested almost a year earlier.

As a seasonal roaster, we only offer current crop coffee, never past-crop.