Bird Rock Coffee Roasters is proud to provide wall space to local artists to display their art. The exhibits, located at

5627 La Jolla Blvd
La Jolla, CA  92037

They rotate regularly, so come by often to check out the wonderful amount of creativity that is in our neighborhood.

During the month of June Bird Rock Coffee Roasters will feature the works of two dynamic minds. David Galindo’s dynamic mind encompasses physics, photography and coffee, while Scott Wright is a contractor by day and prolific colored pencil & watercolor artist in his spare time!

June 2017 Artist:

David Galindo

David Galindo defines his view of a dynamic mind in his bio…”A dynamic mind is one that has the capacity to create in multiple fields of expression. David Galindo has achieved a Physics Degree from Point Loma Nazarene University, a highly technical and regulated science. Having grown up in the Central Valley surrounded by beautiful nature David also has the capacity to create art. His current medium is photography and coffee. With his lens at hand he has captured images ranging from genuine coffee shop moments to poetic landscapes of our National Parks.  His perspective is uniquely his, like the designs in the cappuccinos he lovingly prepares.”

David has created a collection of photos from his recent trip to Cuba and describes his body of work in the following artist statement,

“Earlier this year I was given the opportunity to visit and explore a small part of Cuba’s life and culture. Like most cases when traveling internationally the language barrier could inhibit a traveler’s experience from fully connecting with the people. The fun part is finding another medium of engagement. For me, it was a simple game of fútbol with some locals and a random skate jam with kids I stumbled upon in the city. When experiences and emotions are shared with another it can transcend any barrier and form a deeper and stronger bond. The people from Cuba live a simple life. They are proud and embrace their history. I encourage everyone to experience this beautiful country.”

For more information on David contact him at :

Instagram: daveedg93

June 2017 Artist:

Scott Wright

Scott Wright dynamic mind can be seen in his bio ,“Born in 1952, one of identical twins, Scott is a third generation Californian. He was raised in the San Francisco Bay and Monterrey Bay areas, and spent his childhood and adolescence in the Yosemite Valley and the California coast. He remained in California after graduating high school and attended Diablo Valley Junior College in Contra Costa County where he obtained his Associates Degree in Construction Design.

Following graduation, he moved to Alaska where he worked on the Alaska Pipeline. He remained there for seven years, being enchanted with the natural beauty of Alaska and the adventurousness of the people. He mined and panned for gold and learned the construction trade along the way. He then joined his twin to start a construction company in La Jolla, California.

Since 1986 he has been the sole proprietor of The Wright Company, which specializes in custom residential construction in La Jolla and environs.

In recent years, Scott has rediscovered his natural abilities as an artist that he had exhibited as a child, sketching and drawing his natural surroundings in the Yosemite Valley. His interest in building design and his skill at drawing plans flowed easily into the art he now creates; a combination of ethereal images constructed within fractal design.

The images are based on his own experience and perception of life’s flow. A place where inner calm and awakened states co-exist. This is a world, in and around the sea, where a tranquil harmony thrives. The artist has described the experience of drawing, as, “Immersing myself in tranquility.” And of the images themselves: “Light. Life. Movement.”Scott works in several medium, including pencil, charcoal, ink and watercolor.

His original art has been exhibited in several West Coast galleries, including San Francisco MOMA . His art is also held in several private collections .Scott was selected as the artist for La Jolla’s 65th annual Jewel Ball, “Sapphire”.

He and his wife, Ivette, live in La Jolla, California. They have five children. To find out more about Scott visit