bird rock coffee outside

As I pointed out in my Caffe Calabria review, San Diego doesn’t seem to have a whole lot to offer in terms of world class cafes. Caffe Calabria is a good start but falls short of destination coffee in my book, and the other cafes I’ve reported on since fell short of Calabria. While I believe you can still find coffee roasted by Barefoot at Perks on the UC San Diego campus, Barefoot is a Bay Area roaster and La Jolla isn’t exactly in San Diego. Since then, I discovered you can find Intelligentsia coffee at The Linkery. While well worth a visit, this restaurant, not cafe, uses coffee from Intelligentsia in LA. Which brings me back to La Jolla, where I found Bird Rock Coffee Roasters.

Bird Rock is a local roaster, which has all the trappings of a top notch cafe. They own a La Marzocco GB/5, offer multiple coffees with brew to order options on a V60 pour over bar, serve only freshly roasted coffee, have several high marks from Coffee Review, and appear to be sourcing some pretty good green coffee.