In many ways, the rise of the specialty coffee industry has mirrored the rise of the specialty beer industry.  Just as small, quality focused, community-centered breweries have sprouted up in towns across American, so too have the quality-focused coffee roasters.

The marriage of coffee and beer, then, is a natural result of industries with similar values   collaborating to create something unique and tasty.   This particular style of beer is now almost as common as the more traditional Pale Ale or IPA and is a recognized category at many beer competitions including Great American Beer Festival.

Operating in San Diego, considered one of the greatest microbrewery cities in the world, gives us an opportunity to work with many fine brewers all year round.  When collaborating with a brewery, Heather Brisson, our head roaster, does not just hand a bag of coffee off to a brewer and say, “Good luck.”  Instead, she works closely with brewers during coffee cuppings to find the perfect coffee or blend for the style of beer they are producing and then Heather works with the brewery throughout the brewing process to make sure the final product is sublime.  The pinnacle of Heather’s and BRCRs involvement with the brewing industry came with a Gold Medal in 2012 World Beer Cup for Pizza Port’s coffee beer, Bacon and Eggs.

The 2013 version of the Bacon and Eggs is on tap now at Pizza Port’s Ocean Beach location and you can also find our coffee in beers at Pizza Port’s Carlsbad location and in Karl Strauss’ Wreck Alley, an Imperial Stout.  We have also worked with newer brewers like Kern River in Kernville.  And, we are very excited to be working on a unique project with one of the newest San Diego breweries, Saint Archer Brewery.  Look for a Fall release of a very special American Brown Ale from St. Archer that will be made with coffee we sourced in Kenya.