“Beyond The Surface,” a non-profit organization since 2009 was created by Koch to raise money to fund programs that help homeless and underprivileged kids in Peru, South Africa and India – countries that host surfing competitions, but then are forgotten by the surfers.

“There are 17 million surfers and we’re in this $7.2 billion industry. There is something we have to do for these kids that we meet in these contests,” she said.

Beyond The Surface Part 1


Koch realized she needed money to help the kids with items besides boards, such as towels and coffee. She convinced the owner of Bird Rock Coffee Roasters to donate one dollar for every pound of coffee sold under the “Beyond the Surface” label.

Beyond The Surface Part 2


“She came to us with this project and it was a perfect fit,” said Chuck Patton, owner of Bird Rock Coffee Roasters. “We buy coffee from Peru, Africa and India, and this is the hub of surf culture in San Diego, so it was nothing to think about other than yeah, sounds great.”