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Bird Rock Coffee Roasters
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Jeff Taylor

Co-Owner and Director of Coffee Operations

Jeff Taylor has a twenty-five year career in the specialty coffee industry and was a pioneer in the direct trade business model as it developed in the United States.

In his earlier years in the coffee business, Jeff founded or led efforts in several organizations that are still thriving today. In 1999, Jeff worked to develop what eventually became the United States Barista Competition (USBC). As a founding member of this competition, Jeff traveled around the world judging the USBC Mexican National Barista Competition and the World Barista Competition in Oslo Norway where he judged the Finals.

After his work with the competition, Jeff accepted a position on the Specialty Coffee Association of America’s (SCAA) Board of Directors. While serving on the board of the SCAA, Jeff began the process of building relationships with the best coffee producers around the world. He valued the direct trade relationships where he would experiment, source and evaluate the harvests from each coffee farm, and develop a strategy of partnering on both coffee and social projects with the producers. Seeing the link first hand, between direct trade relationships and the quality of these coffees, benefited greatly and led to PT’s achieving the 2009 Macro Roaster of the Year Award.

In early 2017, Jeff Taylor, along with his partners, acquired Bird Rock Coffee Roasters, an award-winning Micro Roaster in San Diego, California. Prior to his successful coffee career, Jeff was an award-winning photojournalist for several newspapers and wire services. He has been nationally published in several media outlets, including: Sports Illustrated, The New York Times, USA Today, ESPN The Magazine, Associated Press and REUTERS News Service. Jeff earned a number of awards from the Associated Press, Inland Press, and the National Press Photographers Association, including “Region 9 Photographer of the Year in 1990” before retiring from Photojournalism in 2004 to pursue coffee passions full-time.

Jeff and his family (wife Martiza Suarez-Taylor and son Phoenix Taylor) relocated to San Diego where they will make their home and help build the Bird Rock Coffee Roasters brand to hopefully reach new levels of success. As Director of Coffee, he will provide over-sight on the Direct Trade sourcing model for both PT’s Coffee and Bird Rock Coffee and work to develop the retail model for Bird Rock going forward. Jeff has a booming voice and boundless energy. It’s been said you hear him before you see him.

Chuck Patton

Head Coffee Buyer

Chuck Patton started roasting coffee in 2001 with a DIY home coffee roaster, a fateful gift from his wife, Elke. Soon after experimenting at home, he turned his new hobby into a small business selling his coffee at farmers markets, home deliveries and at a small kiosk.

A few years later, Chuck made the bold move to open a retail shop on La Jolla Boulevard directly across the street from a Starbucks, and the first Bird Rock Coffee Roasters retail location was born.

Chuck was the first coffee business owner in San Diego to introduce direct trade coffee, valuing the quality and farmer relationships above all and helped shape the ways in which these growers were compensated internationally. Bird Rock Coffee Roasters expanded to three locations in San Diego and received numerous local and national awards under Chuck’s leadership. These awards including Micro Roaster of the Year in 2012, Good Food Award winner for 2016 + 2017, top 40 coffee shops in the United States, gold and silver awards for roasting, and the number one coffee in an international competition of “The Best 30 Coffees of 2016.”

In early 2017, Chuck sold Bird Rock Coffee Roasters to Jeff Taylor and partners from PT’s coffee. As Head Coffee Buyer for both Bird Rock Coffee Roasters and PT’s Coffee he will continue to do what he loves best, find us the best coffees in the world.

Carrie Saccone-Simms

General Manager
Carrie started a career in coffee before she even knew a career was starting. She came home to San Diego after graduating from San Francisco state and fatefully crashed on a former Bird Rock barista’s couch. This barista would make her coffee that made her taste buds go wild, with notes of blueberry, taffy and graham cracker. Soon she realized creamer was just a way to cover up bad coffee. She loves seeing the joy Bird Rock Coffee brings to people as well as what the people bring to Bird Rock Coffee!

Nick Berardi

Wholesale Sales Liaison
Hailing from parts unknown, Nick loves him some coffee. Way back when the world was young, he cut his teeth at a candy-bar coffee shop. Becoming disillusioned from seeing coffee so mistreated, he cooked fine dining for a couple of years before joining the "third wave" of coffee. Aside from embracing the parallels of fine coffee and food, he loves drinking coffee and eating, and is keen on discovering what San Diego is all about.