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Bird Rock Coffee Roasters
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Heather Brisson

Head Roaster
Heather and coffee first really started to get to know each other 10 years ago in Columbus, OH. What began as a part time job in college took shape to a skilled craft. She has worked in cafes & roasters across the country absorbing any knowledge she could along the way. Heather’s love for surfing brought her to San Diego but her passion for coffee and it’s journey led her to Bird Rock. In the future Heather wants to focus her work on sustainability at origin…oh and surf of course!

Jocylynn Breeland

Manager & Quality Control Guru
Jocylynn was born and raised in Petaluma, CA. She holds down the front on quality control, which entails keeping the tasty coffee flowing and the good vibes growing. To her, coffee is a conduit to embody everyday love with lasting impact. As a former gymnast, her approach to life is fearless and that translates to her job in coffee. After a near fatal accident, Jocylynn has retuned spirited and undaunted to BRCR and is making a comeback in the specialty coffee scene. And now she may just be the only bionic international coffee cupper and sample roaster. Don't mess with this chick because she can kick over most people's heads and has knife throwing dance parties in her spare time. Loves reptiles, ninja stars, mix cds, and a damn good cup of coffee.
Chuck started roasting in 2001 with a DIY home coffee roaster, a fateful gift from his wife, Elke. Chuck is a former community college English teacher and loves acoustic blues from the 20’s and 30’s. He describes his relationship with coffee beans as equal parts passion and obsession. In his spare time he loves to body surf, drink great beer and perfect the art of pork-smoking.

Nikki Nakashima

Director of Sustainability Projects
Nikki was born and raised on Oahu, Hawaii. She started in coffee at the tender age of fourteen, working as a barista in Honolulu. After graduating from UCSD with a BA in International Studies Economics and traveling in Africa and Southeast Asia, she reacquainted herself with coffee at Bird Rock Coffee Roasters. Her favorite thing about coffee is the connection it provides to the people and culture of a land far away. Her interests include bubble wrap, crazy earrings, jackets with shoulder pads, and making people laugh with very few intelligible words

Nick Berardi

Wholesale Sales Liaison
Hailing from parts unknown, Nick loves him some coffee. Way back when the world was young, he cut his teeth at a candy-bar coffee shop. Becoming disillusioned from seeing coffee so mistreated, he cooked fine dining for a couple of years before joining the "third wave" of coffee. He and his dog recently packed up and joined old friend Heather Brisson at Bird Rock Coffee Roasters. Aside from embracing the parallels of fine coffee and food, he loves drinking coffee and eating, and is keen on discovering what San Diego is all about.

Paul Sjoberg

Math Professor, Coffee Drinker, Husband, Father
Inventor of the Bird Rock Coffee Roasters van logo! Recently mistaken for ZZ Top Band Member.