BRCR is rolling in new arrivals at the moment. A beautiful lot from Jose Mayo, the same farmer from Ecuador whose coffee we brought in last year, is now available. Jose won the Taza Dorada last year with this lot and we were lucky enough to buy it ahead of the competition. Similar to Rosa Abad’s coffee we have been offering, Jose’s is a little cleaner with a thicker body.

The Guatemala coffees we sourced a couple months ago are now starting to roll in. First up, Finca Santa Ana from the Santa Rosa region has returned, a tad softer than last year but with the same sweet pineapple acidity we loved. We are rotating Finca Santa Ana in with another lot from Lake Atitlan, La Providencia. This lot was a standout on the cupping table when we were in Guatemala City in February, sweet and poised. As many of you know, we are bringing in two very special microlots from the famed Finca El Injerto later this month, but we also bought a blend from them that we are now offering both as a single origin and using as a base for our new espresso blend. Guatemala coffees from Huehuetenango tend to be bigger than other coffees from the country and this is no exception, thick syrupy body with tons of chocolate in the cup.

Perhaps more than any other offering, I am constantly asked about when we will get more Blue Batak in. Well, we are not bringing any in at the moment but we did find an outstanding lot of coffee from Lake Tawar. If you liked the Blue Batak, you will appreciate this Sumatran coffee but be warned: this is for the adventurous and lovers of huge, in-your-face-coffees. Unlike most coffee from Sumatra, this lot is meticulously processed at origin and this extra effort shows in the cup: intense, earthy yet clean, full-bodied and dense, yet slightly sweet. Syrup-like in texture, melted butter, a hint of cherries (maybe grapefruit?), rich, distinctive and memorable. We will offer this one on tap on Thursday, FYI and also available daily on the pour-over bar.

As a side note, the coffees we have from Kenya continue to impress. Try the 92 point Gichatha-Ina on our Pour Over Bar. You will not be disappointed.