Bird Rock Coffee Roasters was founded on the premise that the coffee we buy must exceed a buyer’s expectation for how good coffee can be.

We also realize that coffee can be used to enact social change, in the communities where coffee is grown and right here at home.

In the following tabs, you will find how our philosophy of sustainability is three pronged, focusing on


Bird Rock Coffee Roasters offers Organic and Fair Trade certified coffees. But we go beyond simple eco labels, realizing that a highly sustainable farm may not be able to support the bureaucracy needed to maintain certification. Direct-trade also allows Bird Rock Coffee Roasters to pay for coffee based on the quality of the product, something that is not guaranteed by eco labels.


We always buy coffee that is responsibly sourced and we support and create projects that are designed to benefit the communities that grow our coffee. We not only strive to develop relationships with the farmers to ensure full transparency of the buying process, but these relationships allow us to provide important feedback to the farmers to let them know when they are producing a great crop of coffee.  We are the only San Diego roaster and one of the few micro-roasters that offers direct-trade coffee.

Bird Rock Coffee Roasters also partners with many non-profits who understand that coffee is a great vehicle to drive social change.   By supporting ‘Cause Coffees’, beyond direct trade, we help to address other issues in coffee growing regions, like cervical cancer, hunger and poverty.


Our commitment to the environment and our farmers only works if we are also committed to our customers here at home. Bird Rock Coffee Roasters remains civically engaged by supporting events and causes that enrich our community.