The Salaverria family own several farms and a large mill in Santa Ana called JASAL. The family is obsessive about quality and eager to experiment with different processing methods and new varietals. This is the third year we have worked with them and we look forward to a long relationship with the family.

Unfortunately, El Salvador was devastated by Roya this last season, with some estimates claiming the country lost close to 70 % of the crop. The trickle down effect is profound, not only for the farmers themselves, but everyone who depends on coffee for employment, the harvesters, truckers, those who work at mills.

The Salaverria family lost close to 50% of their harvest.

While quantity was down, the Salvaerria did an incredible job to maintain the high quality for the coffee they did produce. The Pacamara varietal is a favorite of ours but is relatively rare and only thrives at high elevations. Last year, this coffee was a bit more citrus-based. This year, we have more dark fruit like plums and dates with perhaps a bit of white pepper. Certainly bigger bodied than last year’s crop as well and a treat for those liking balanced sweet cups.