Auromar Estate

Roberto Brenes, the producer of Finca Auromar coffees Camilina Geisha Natural and Ironmar Washed Geisha, is a very proud coffee farmer in the Volcan region of Panama. Roberto is also so much more than just a coffee farmer.

As the former Head of the Panama Stock Exchange, he has had a long career in investment banking and has competed in a number of triathlons in different parts of the world. As impressive as that is, his post-college years after earning his MBA degree from Columbia University in New York is what set him on a path as a leader in Panama.

Many years ago when Panama was under the dictatorial rule of Manuel Noriega, young Brenes was an outspoken critic of the then dictator. This outspoken style led to his exile from Panama for a number of years. During this time Brenes advanced his banking career in South America.

When Noriega was finally captured and sent to prison, He returned to Panama to take on the task of rebuilding Panama's economy as the Central Banker. The fact that he was exiled is now worn as a badge of honor since he was able to return and help his country. Panama is now considered a jewel of South America, sometimes referred to as the Switzerland or Dubai of Latin America.

is a natural processed Geisha from Roberto Brenes’ Auromar Estate that we have featured at Bird Rock yearly. It’s an exceptional example of what’s so unique and exciting about a natural Geisha from Panama, featuring flavors of red fruits, berries, and cacao all wrapped in jasmine flower aromatics. It’s a reliably excellent coffee that we look forward to every year.