Loma La Gloria

Finca Loma La Gloria was established in the late nineties by Anny’s father, Roberto Pimental. A trained civil engineer and practiced businessman, Roberto named the farm after his grandfather’s estate. The farm is located in El Boquerón near San Salvador, on the Quetzaltepec Volcano and spans between 1200 - 1750 meters above sea level. Varieties grown on the farm include Pacamara and Bourbon, with some trees up to 60 years old.

In 2001, Roberto completed construction of a mill on the property. The potential of this mill was never fully realized though, as it was never put into operation. Instead, coffee cherries from the farm were sold to other local mills, meaning traceability to Finca Loma La Gloria was lost.

This changed in 2012 when Anny took over operations at the farm. Anny’s focus was on improving quality and creating traceability from the farm. The mill was put into operation, allowing the coffee cherries to be processed on site.

One of the great advantages of direct trade relationships is the ability to impact the workers and communities associated with our producing partners. By having a direct line of communication, producers can communicate the needs of the community, allowing us to reinvest in ways that make a significant impact.

Recently Bird Rock Coffee Roasters donated environmentally friendly ovens to a school local to Finca Loma La Gloria. These ovens have been used to teach 40 students practical business skills. The students are teamed up in groups, with each group making up a “company.” Each company is assigned a time slot to use the ovens throughout the year, and a small amount of capital to buy supplies, such as flour, eggs, and sugar. Each company sells their baked goods to the local community, paying back the school the initial investment money for supplies, then reinvesting in their company, and finally equally dividing profits to take home to their families. The benefits of this program teach entrepreneurship, familiarize the students with how to run business, and provide them skills for future employment.