Ninety Plus Estates

Ninety Plus ® Coffee is a grower and producer of single-origin, single-variety coffee in Panama. They are dedicated to creating a remarkable taste experience through process innovation. At the core is a connection to nature, best social practices and working to fix a broken system through creating canopy and restoration ecology. Ninety Plus are stewards for taste committed to leaving coffee better than they found it.

We regularly feature the Perci geisha variety a couple times a year as one of our Blue Label Coffees. Perci features intense fragrances of rose, hibiscus, blackberry, and passionfruit. A cornucopia of fruits including pomegranate, huckleberry, green apple, and guava are found in the cup, with a chocolate sauce sweetness from hot to cool. A vibrant acidity and syrupy mouthfeel carry into a brandy-like aftertaste.

From the 2019 Coffee Review assessment of this coffee:

"The grand floral and cocoa complexity of the Gesha variety is amplified here by an innovative processing method that turns mouthfeel big and buoyant and the fruit lush, intense and giddily brandy-toned."