Santa Ana

Our direct trade relationship with Finca Santa Ana in Santa Rosa, Guatemala started in 2010 when Bird Rock Coffee Roasters was one of Finca Santa Ana’s first two roasters that partnered with the farm.

In 2015, we shared an investment with farm owner Fernando Diaz to source and plant new seed stock. About 15 new varieties were planted in Santa Ana's experimental garden, including Geisha. When it was found to respond well to the microclimate of the area, Fernando decided to plant more Geisha at the highest point of the farm. There, the coffee shrubs grow under the shade of a dense canopy of trees. In typical Geisha fashion they are low yielding yet produce bright red cherries that are sweet and taste of flowers and tropical fruit.

Also planted in the experimental garden was the varietal SL-28, which also responded well to the microclimate of the area so Nando planted more SL-28 in two separate plots between 1,650 and 1,800 meters above sea level.

Nando’s constant experimentation and exploration of new techniques also led to the creation of a nano lot using the bourbon varietal and a combination of processing methods involving Anaerobic Fermentation and Natural drying techniques.

These coffees represent the outcome of a coffee sourcing philosophy based on relationships and information sharing. Through long term collaboration Fernando has been able to create flavors never before found at Finca Santa Ana, and it's our honor to share them with you.