Anny Ruth - Women's History Month Feature

In celebration of Women's History Month, we are thrilled to feature Anny Ruth of Finca Loma La Gloria, one of the remarkable women producers who has made a significant impact in the coffee industry. Anny's journey with Bird Rock Coffee Roasters began as her first direct trade relationship in 2014, marking the beginning of an incredible relationship in business and friends! Here are some insights from Anny about her experiences as a woman in coffee:

What is an advantage of being a woman in coffee you have experienced?

Anny reflects on the unique advantage of being a female producer in a predominantly male industry. She believes that her presence as a woman in the coffee world is memorable and brings a human touch to her interactions. She finds joy in connecting with the people who work on her farm, fostering relationships and creating a sense of community.

What are some of the roles women have on your farm?

Women play essential roles on Finca Loma La Gloria throughout the year. From tending to the coffee trees in the fields to meticulously sorting beans during the milling season, their contributions are integral to producing high-quality coffee.

What are you most proud of on your farm?

Anny takes immense pride in the continuous support she receives from roasters like Bird Rock Coffee Roasters. Despite the challenges and changes in ownership, Anny remains grateful for the opportunity to showcase her coffee and maintain a long-standing partnership.

What is your favorite cup/lot you have ever produced and why?

Anny's favorite cup from Finca Loma La Gloria is the red bourbon yellow honey. This particular coffee captivates her with its tropical punch, citrus notes, and creamy texture, making it a standout among her production. “The apple of my eye is and will always be the red bourbon yellow honey! It’s tropical punch, citrus and creamy feel. It's just the perfect one for me."

Who is a woman you are inspired by?

Anny shares that once she became a mother her motivation and inspiration changed. She said, “Well… The only constant in life is change. And I've admired several ladies throughout my coffee journey. And to be honest, once you become a Mom it's like your world turns upside down. Perspective, priorities, everything changes!

So I was being inspired by women that not necessarily are mothers. And when you have to wear ALL the hats: Daughter, Wife, Mother, manager of your household, the cook, cleaning lady, and still keep your day job. Then I needed to look upon someone I could measure myself better.

So I got interested in the women up in my genealogy tree. I've been getting to hear powerful stories about them, and how somehow one was able to run a general store, other were teachers. So that truly inspired me, knowing I come from a line of hard working ladies, professionals. But also were daughters, mothers, wives.”

Now Anny IS one of those inspiring women, daughter, wife, mother and friend. All while wearing many hats and producing exceptional coffee.

Anny Ruth's journey exemplifies the spirit of Women's History Month, celebrating the resilience, leadership, and passion of women in the coffee industry. We are honored to feature Anny and her exceptional coffee as we recognize the invaluable contributions of women producers worldwide. Join us in raising a cup to Anny Ruth and the countless women who continue to shape the world of coffee with their dedication and innovation. Cheers to Women's History Month!

Feb 29th 2024