​Brewing Gratitude

The holidays are here, and Bird Rock Coffee Roasters is embracing the spirit with our seasonal favorites, Naughty and Nice blends. These carefully crafted coffees promise a delightful sip and a meaningful contribution to Grateful Peoples - a non-profit founded on the idea that if we focus on getting the most out of the present moment, we set up the best possible foundation for our future.

With each purchase of our Naughty or Nice blends, customers are not just indulging in the season's flavors but actively participating in a movement to foster gratitude and kindness. .50 cents from each bag sold is donated directly to Grateful Peoples. During this time, we are proud to deepen our six-year partnership with Grateful Peoples through these special holiday blends.

Grateful Peoples, founded by Teddy Droseros, has been a part of the Bird Rock Coffee Roasters experience for the past six years. Teddy's journey with gratitude journaling, influenced by his mother's battle with Multiple Sclerosis and cancer, led him to profound realizations. His vision has grown into a movement that has donated over 22,000 Gratitude Journals to schools, helping young minds start each day with gratitude.

Teddy's journey was not just about finding joy in the little things; it was about understanding that even in pain, there's something to be grateful for. His mother's illness became his biggest blessing, teaching him to cherish every moment and find joy in the simplest acts of life.

In every Bird Rock Coffee Roasters location, while hanging in the cafes, waiting for their beverages, or reflecting on the day ahead, customers have encountered Grateful Peoples' Journals inviting them to share and read reflections of gratitude. This initiative, spanning six years, has collected over 75,000 handwritten messages. The journal entries are then transformed into coffee books, creating a tangible representation of the community's shared appreciation.

Through our collaboration with Grateful Peoples, every Gratitude Journal purchased supports Grateful People's social initiatives, donating journals to schools and spreading the power of gratitude. You can purchase a journal from our website or any of our Bird Rock Coffee locations. Or you are invited to savor the rich flavors of our Naughty and Nice blends and join in the collective effort to build a more grateful world. With every bag you purchase, you're contributing to the mission of Grateful Peoples and positively impacting the communities we serve. Let's celebrate the holidays with a cup of gratitude, kindness, and the joy of giving. Cheers to a season filled with warmth, appreciation, and, most importantly, GRATITUDE.

Join the mission by purchasing our Naughty and Nice Blends here: Naughty BlendNice Blend or learn more about Grateful People here.

You can purchase your own Gratitude Journal here.

Posted by Bird Rock Coffee Roasters on Nov 29th 2023