Coffee Review's Top 30 2022!

Coffee Review's Top 30 2022

It's with great honor to share TWO excellent coffees that made it into Coffee Review's Top 30 2022. Coffee Review cups thousands of coffees worldwide over 12 months and ranks their top 30 coffees yearly. The ranking is based on quality, value, and other factors, including distinctiveness of style, uniqueness of origin, tree variety, processing method, certification, and general rarity.


Sidra Coffee - Bird Rock Coffee Roasters

Cherry Infused Bourbon | Pineapple | Concord Grape

96 POINTS #10

Blind Assessment - "Richly fruit-saturated, balanced, juicy. Black cherry, Bourbon barrel, cocoa nib, wisteria, candycap mushroom in aroma and small cup. Deep, sweet-savory structure with high-toned, malic acidity; plush, syrupy mouthfeel. Resonant, long, flavor-laden finish that fulfills the promise of the cup."


Sumatra Tano Batak - Bird Rock Coffee Roasters

95 POINTS #21 

Dried Plum | Dried Mango | Sweet Pipe Tobacco | Cola 

From Coffee Review - "Lushly floral-toned, chocolaty. Dark chocolate, wisteria, fine musk, dried lychee, pistachio in aroma and cup. Juicy, sweet-savory structure with floral acidity; big, syrupy mouthfeel with pleasingly tannic texture. Finish consolidates to notes of musky tropical fruit, delicate and perfumy, with crisp pistachio undertones."


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Posted by Bird Rock Coffee Roasters on Nov 22nd 2022