​Dive into the World of Coffee with Jeff Taylor: Written by Breville

Photo Credit: Breville 

We're thrilled to share a fantastic blog post straight from the folks at Breville, shining a spotlight on none other than our very own Jeff Taylor, owner of Bird Rock Coffee Roasters.

In this engaging piece,  Breville takes us on a journey alongside Jeff Taylor, one of the driving forces behind what we know of today as Specialty Coffee. From his humble beginnings to becoming the proud owner of Bird Rock Coffee, Jeff's dedication to the craft has left an incredible mark on the specialty coffee industry. His passion for all things coffee is infectious.

Through Breville's lens, we're treated to an intimate glimpse into Jeff's world, where each roast is a labor of love, and every cup tells a story. A true testament to the innovation, sustainability, and profound impact of direct trade relationships.

Jeff's commitment to direct trade shaped the coffee industry's approach to sourcing beans and set a new standard for transparency and fairness for the farmers. By developing meaningful connections with coffee growers worldwide, Jeff has not only elevated the quality of our coffee but has also empowered communities and fostered positive change throughout the specialty coffee industry.

At Bird Rock Coffee Roasters, we're beyond grateful to  Breville for sharing Jeff's story with the world. It's an honor to see his passion and commitment celebrated in such a meaningful way.

So, grab your favorite brew, kick back, and dive into the full blog post on Breville's website.

Apr 8th 2024