Love Letters 2023

Bird Rock Coffee Roasters - Love letter's project

Welcome back to our ever-popular and deliciously romantic Love Letters blend! Made from a combination of washed Ethiopian and Peruvian coffee beans, this light roast features hints of chocolate-covered strawberries, roses, hugs, and kisses. Ethiopia is known for producing some of the highest quality coffee in the world, while Peruvian coffee is renowned for its smooth, well-balanced flavor. Together, these beans create a unique blend that is perfect for coffee lovers and romantics alike on Valentine's Day.

While some of the tasting notes might be tongue and cheek - The chocolate-covered strawberries and roses come from the unique characteristics of the Ethiopia and Peruvian coffees that make up the blend. Coffee can take on a wide range of flavors based on factors such as the variety of the coffee plant, the region where it is grown, and the way it is roasted.


Along with the Love Letters Blend, we're excited to announce a new seasonal drink, Red Velvet Mocha. Made in-house using nibble chocolate, and beet powder, with a distinct tangy velvety finish, reminding us of the signature cream cheese frosting we all love so much and Love Letters as the espresso. This is the first year we put Love Letters on the bar, and we will use it as a seasonal espresso blend! This rich and indulgent drink is sure to be a hit with coffee and chocolate lovers alike. 

You can purchase the Love Letters blend online or at any of our cafes. If you’re local to San Diego, try our Red Velvet Mocha for a sweet treat! 

Lastly, we're excited to bring back our popular Love Letters postcards and mailing boxes at all of our locations. Last year, we successfully launched this project and enjoyed seeing people use it to send sweet notes to loved ones near and far.

To participate, simply look for one of our Love Letters postcards, write a heartfelt message, and drop it in the red mailing box. We'll take care of the postage and make sure your letter reaches its destination. It's a simple and meaningful way to show your love and appreciation on this special day.



Posted by Carrie Saccone on Jan 23rd 2023